Beacon PDX

We are all in this together. We are all neighbors. We are all family.

“The work is not done and we are not done with the work”

Pat Schwiebert


What is a Beacon?

bea·con /ˈbēkən/ noun

  1. a fire or light set up in a high or prominent position as a warning, signal, or celebration.

    "a chain of beacons carried the news"

We are the signal, the celebration, the place that says, “you are welcome here.” We are Beacon PDX


What is Beacon PDX?

We are a project within the Metanoia Peace Community and are committed to fostering connections with the friends who live on the streets or in the margins.

A core team of volunteers made up of individuals made up of people connected to the work of Hard Times Supper—folks from across the city and from each of our partner congregations will each be taking a few friends into our ‘family’. What that means will depend on the needs.

If you’d like to be a volunteer, please email.

If you live on the streets and need help, message us here:


How do we work?

Once a neighbor has let us know his/her/their need, we will:

  • Offer supportive relationships 
  • Commit to regular meetings 
  • Help in making and keeping appointments
  • Aid in filling out paper work 
  • Help navigating city services 
  • Connect people with needed health care
  • Provide an address for mail and obtaining IDs
  • Host regular support group meetings
  • Support in goal-setting and making plans
  • Meet people where they are without judgement.

About Us.


We are a project of Metanoia Peace Community. We are committed to fostering connections with the friends who live on the street and on the margins of Portland.

 The heart of our work has always been the individuals we support. It’s Dondee that desperately needed a shower today when the park closed theirs for the season.  It’s Lorrie who works the midnight shift at Freddies and needs a place to lay his head during the day time. It’s Val who lives in a tent near 205 who needs a meal.  It’s Leroy who had an infection in his eye before we got him to a doctor.

This we can do without a roof over our head. This we can do with creativity and dedication.  This, we can do with you and your support.  




For 38 years Pat Schweibert has facilitated an army of volunteers and marshalled the resources to feed and serve SE Portland’s homeless and marginalized communities.  This has been possible through the generous support of individuals and neighbors as well as deep partnership with churches like Bridgeport UCC, Unity Church, Lake Oswego United Methodist, Hope Korean Presbyterian and more.  And, certainly Metanoia Peace Community United Methodist Church has been at the helm of structuring this work and will continue to be the lead fiscal sponsor. These partnerships are deepening and growing as we find those that want to partner with our work.  It is not an overstatement to say that the consistency of these offerings and willingness to always do more has touched generations of Portlanders. 38 years.

In June 2019, after holding space in the Sunnyside Methodist Church at 35th and Yamhill for years, our vital services were given 90 days to vacate the space.    The “why” is a long story that ends with a situation familiar to the people we often serve...being told to find some place else to be..  

This work needs a new home. And in the meantime, we’re not done. Will you help us?