An incomplete list of efforts

My daughter is sick. A one year old with the flu is sad…but it also certainly lets a parent know where they need to be. All to say, I’ve been home more than I’m used to for the last 5 days. And in the meantime, I have gotten so many reminders of the power of our community…Here is an incomplete list of efforts I know of in the name of Beacon PDX:

  • Mother/daughter volunteers brought PB&J sandwiches to the park and they were gone in minutes

  • Sandy brought donations and burritos to the park. Lots of thankfulness and expressions of needs.

  • Sandy later brought C and E to the hospital for a infection that needed checking on

  • Parent of SES kiddos and volunteer makes and brings fritatta to nearby park for Jose and Tim especially. Others enjoyed and shared hugs and appreciation

  • Got inexpensive glasses for P. “I can see!”

  • Gathering coats, boots, and bus passes for distribution this week

  • Raised nearly $5000 online

  • PDX Street Medicine still stopped by to help on Wednesday…reported being thanked for their work by 2 neighbors (unusual for them!)

  • Invited into partnership with Sunnyside Environmental School

Today, Sandy will be bringing some of those supplies out to 35th and Yamhill and saying hi to our friends. If you have any winter gear, boots, rain gear that you are looking to part with, let us know. We are certainly still taking donations, just with a little extra attention to the needs of the season.

Look for a call for a meeting coming soon in hopes of increasing our coordination of efforts both on the ground and behind the scenes.

Finally, thank you for being a part of this community. We are all in it together

An incomplete list of efforts

Beacon PDX at work


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