just a note from a volunteer

There are a growing number of people in the area who are taking it upon themselves to help our houseless neighbors. Relationships are growing, trust is too, and with this comes love…I find it inspirational to recieve notes like this and can’t we all use some inspiration?

Friday night I went shopping for Sat. morning breakfast. I decided on sausage and cheese English muffin sandwich's and banana muffins for the grownups, peanut butter and jelly on bagels for the kids (plus some extra kid-friendly snacks). I made the muffins at night while my kids watched a movie and laid out everything else for an easy prep in the morning. I prepared the sandwiches and put everything into bags for easy delivery.

Only R was at Sewallcrest. We checked in and I gave him food. I hope E and kids slept inside last night. Sounds like they sometimes stay with someone named T? I'll keep the socks I have for E in the car in case I see them later. Driving toward Hawthorne I met a shy young man named C who hung his head down but looked at me long enough for me to fall in love with his gorgeous green eyes. Such a beautiful young man. Maybe plagued by mental illness or addiction? He seemed so vulnerable. Gave him and his buddy some food. Headed toward Safeway and found J. Shared two hugs! The bottle return there is inoperable because an employee took the key home a few days ago and no one can reach him. J said T and his brother D were at the Safeway parking lot so I headed down there. Saw Streetroots T and a guy named C outside of Safeway. Bought a paper, gave C .75 he asked for. He was happy the food I made was soft because his mouth is full of rotting teeth. Good for me to remember to always have soft foods on hand for breakfast. Found T and D and T said his legs hurt too much to walk all the way up to New Seasons bottle return. I had D pack up the returns and I went up there for them and then brought the $6.70 to them at Sewallcrest. They were just chilling out together. As I left I joked to R, "Hey young man! Keep these old guys in line!" and everyone laughed.




A morning song