Beacon PDX

“We are all in it together.” We are a diverse community dedicated to caring for our neighbors; those with homes and those without. We go where the need lives and shine like a beacon, letting folks know there are people who care and people who want to help. Join us.

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Upcoming Events



Worship Service with Metanoia Peace Community

4-6 at Sunnyside Community House Basement

3520 SE Yamhill St


Last Hard Times Supper

Before we have to leave Sunnyside, we will have one more Dinner at 6 pm. This meal has been served here for 38 years of Wednesdays…come enjoy the last one.


Final Day Celebration

Celebrate the accomplishments and community that has formed in the Sunnyside Community House with a party. Food, fellowship, film, speeches, and lots of hugs



“A real community is made of people at their best and worst coming together to help make it better for everybody.”

— Leroy